V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #60: belief

Belief, an Acrostic



Best beliefs buoy struggling soul…inspire, invigorate, elevate and


Enable.  So too, do negative ones hold power…unfounded, they may drown us.


Light those beliefs which encourage; lift torch for world…banish dim perspectives.


In center of beliefs, a compass: it instructs, informs, influences conduct; steers direction to life’s destination.


Every chosen path is paved with beliefs, whether based on fact, experience, decision of the will—or combination.  Other elements of belief include culture, religion, philosophy, family tradition.


Freely, many beliefs may be adjusted; if they’re not serving well, we can change our minds, hearts…if we’re flexible.


My faith is underpinned by belief in the God of the Bible; that He is Truth and Love; that He is good, full of grace and mercy; that He created me with purpose; that my eternal destiny is secured with Him by Christ’s sacrifice, and my testimony: Jesus is Savior and Lord.  This faith is not blind—I’ve experienced miracles; He answers prayers; His Presence is palpable everyday—He’s my strength and Redeemer.  These beliefs are solid, certain, unchangeable.

McMorrow, 2019 ~ All rights reserved



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